What Mark Meadows’s sudden cooperation with the Jan. 6 committee could mean

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleNov. 12 brought potentially fortuitous developments for the House Jan. 6 committee and its arduous campaign to get testimony from key allies of former president Donald Trump. In the morning, former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows signaled that he would defy the committee’s subpoena and failed to show...

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Michael Caisse

Perhaps he got a deal or doesn't want to go to prison, or perhaps this is just a delaying tactic and he'll plead the 5th. I hope not but I don't trust him.

Robert Queen

Meadows as Trump's Secretary of Synchophant was by Donnie's side for alot of times of interest. He was with Trump as they watched the Insurection unfold on TV. He was on the phone call with Trump when they tried to shake down Raffensberger to "find" 11780 votes in Georgia. BTW a call I listened to again in full. Worth the revisit on YouTube if interested. And those are only two examples of what else he knows. I have my doubts that he'll be a cooperative witness. But fingers crossed nevertheless he'll do the right thing

Toni Palomarez

no one is above the law.. Meadows should of already been put in jail for contempt until he's ready to tell the truth.


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