“You’re the reason why my friends are gone,” Raw Superstar shockingly blames Becky Lynch for WWE releases

Cover picture for the articleBecky Lynch is one of the biggest WWE Superstars on the roster today. She has dominated the roster for quite some time now, and currently holds the Raw Women’s Championship. The on-screen “Man” is an equally amazing Superstar in real life too. In early 2020, Lynch went on a maternity...

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Brandon White

This has to be a kayfabe article, or Liv is really off her rocker. Becky doesn't make those decisions. WWE has gotten so cookie cutter though, that I have fell out with it. I quit watching for six months, watched the joke of a Survivor Series PPV, and it'll be at least until the Rumble that I turn it back on. I can keep up by watching you tube videos and enjoy AEW. It's the best pro wresting on TV right now


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