Black woman shares photo of Airbnb next to a cotton field and sparks TikTok debate


A Black woman on TikTok said she went to an Airbnb that had a cotton field - and it sparked a fierce online debate.

In a recent video, Aliyah Bell, who goes by @thechocolateweeb on the platform, showed the cotton field in question.

“Y’all why did my cousin book this Airbnb in Alabama with a cotton field in the yard?” the onscreen text said as Bell appeared to look flabbergasted.

In the video’s caption, she noted that her cousin was unaware that the rental had a cotton field in the backyard.

The video now has over 19 million views.

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In another video, Bell gave a tour of the property located in Hunstville, Alabama. She noted that she went there to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family.

“It’s pretty decent inside… the theme was nice,” Bell said before adding that she’s from California and isn’t “used to seeing” the cotton or cotton field.

“Being put in an area like that unexpectedly as a Black person does trigger you a little bit and makes you feel uncomfortable,” she added.

She also noted that feeling the “urge” to pick the cotton isn’t “weird” or an indication of wanting to “go back to slavery.”

“It’s an odd feeling that you feel so close to history.”

Bell received several comments from people who were “uncomfortable” by the scene.

“The fact that ppl don’t see why this is uncomfortable,” someone wrote.

“It’s gatta be very much haunted with curses and bad energy. I’m concerned,” another added.

Others thought it wasn’t that “deep” and that cotton is just “a crop.”

“If you seek racism, you will find it. It’s a crop and you’re trying to get people banned from Airbnb for something that isn’t even on there,” a third wrote.

Someone else wrote, “If y’all are really that pressed about a plant that’s used to make your clothes, you need help.”

This comment prompted Bell to make another follow-up video dubbed with the “You really thought you ate” audio by THE INFINITY CULT.

Indy100 reached out to Bell and Airbnb for comment

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Bernice Thrower Jones

Why is a cotton field in the background of a picture causing such a debate. I grew up on a farm, picked cotton from the age of 8 to the age of 17, when I graduated from hi-school and went off to college. This all happened in the 1950’s to the middle 1960’s. All this happened before integration in the South. It’s history people let it go. I am 73 yrs old, I lived that life, if I can let it go then you should to. That was the only work Blacks were allowed to do back then. When I go back home to Georgia and see a cotton field, I stop and take a picture just to remind myself of how far I have come in life.

Christine Moffat

Jesus now we can’t even grow cotton because it racist. People grow up and realize that you are looking for problems you will find them.

jeff gales

omg they grow cotton in the south !!! who ever heard of such a thing ??? and it grows in fields ?? and they build houses near them ??


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