Warning, graphic footage: Texas cell phone video captures custody argument before man is shot to death

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Grumpy Old Man #1

The guy with the shot gun will be charged with murder. He went back in the house to get the shotgun. So he isquilty of escalating the situation. He can't use self defense as a plea. GUILTY 1st degree murder.

shelly brunk

I feel so sorry for the kids forced to endure these situations. When will people grow up and care about their kids more than they care about their "hurt feelings"? Pathetic excuse for parents.

Martha Hazzard Decker

Texas law does not allow someone to go back in the house and shoot anyone who is not threatening. That is what 911 is for. instead of murdering someone, which is what he did, he should have stayed inside, called 911 and waited for law enforcement. Instead he chose to be an idiot. I an in Texas and I was a cop, Detective. I would be investigating a murder and the guy with the weapon would be in cuffs. I don't know anyone can think it's okay to shoot someone in this manner.


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