NFL World Reacts To Tuesday’s Urban Meyer News

The Spun
The Spun
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For the past 12 hours, Urban Meyer has been linked to the recent job opening at Notre Dame. Moments ago, however, ESPN’s Michael DiRocco poured some cold water on that potential pairing. DiRocco is reporting that Meyer has no interest in taking another college football job. Meyer is...

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Tits and Grits Diner

I thought the article was going to say that he was leaving the Jags due to health issues (like a yeast infection?)

John Warner

first of all Notre Dame didn't want bourbon buyers that's timer out second of all there's something funny about Notre Dame hiring Marcus Freeman as their defensive coordinator knowing full well Brian Kelly was probably leaving at the beginning of this year's season the begin with Marcus Freeman was just hired as Notre Dame's new head coach so I don't care what anybody says officials at Notre Dame new Brian Kelly was itching to leave for LSU and 95 million dollars


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