How cPTSD Can Affect Intimate Relationships

Cover picture for the articleFeeling unsafe is one of the biggest signs of cPTSD. When feeling safe is compromised, hypervigilance or shutting down are common. Intimate relationships are often negatively impacted for those struggling with cPTSD. Knowing the signs and symptoms can help with healing and improving relationship quality. Because traumatic events have...

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You nailed it, spot on. Well written article. I wish everyone understood the points you made.

Ross Jonathan

When reasonable caution turns in to fear fear turns into paranoia which in turn leads to irrationality where your perception of what is happening is so skewed that it becomes more dangerous then not taking any precautions at all and you snapping at everything thinking everything is an issue more than it is even if it is or not not letting go or or even fixating on in the first place things that end up causing the very same issue you try to avoid by responding to nothing and creating something worse or the very thing you tried to prevent you responding you want to be aware and mindful as you go through life but you don’t want to take it to the extreme extent to where your now just basically lashing out at everything and anything they moves or says something you think is is bad cause of your anxiety


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