Shaquille O'Neal Reveals Why He Doesn't Wear Jordans Anymore: "That Was The Last Time I Had A Pair Of Jordans. I Have Corns Now Because Of Those Shoes.”

Cover picture for the articleMost NBA superstars today undoubtedly rocked a pair of Air Jordan's before joining the league. Shaquille O'Neal was one such kid, but his experience had him marred for years. Shaq was recently invited for a round of sneaker shopping by and was accompanied by host Joe La Pluma as they...

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Nunya Bizniss

At least Shaq did try to make his shoes affordable and I commend him for that...unlike Michael Jordan who recycles and repaints his shoes every month and people literally kill each other behind them


Jordan's are trash and our people break their effin necks to get a pair... Jordan, in 2014 made more money from Jordan sneakers that all his previous NBA salaries combined ....imagine that


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