Will there be stimulus checks in 2022?
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At this time, the Biden administration is not releasing a fourth stimulus check in 2022 and is instead choosing to focus efforts on the enhanced Child Tax Credit and The American Rescue Plan. But some members of Congress and a good portion of the public have shown support for...

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Linda Green

I am tired of reading about all those checks going out to people that have jobs and get payments,but Seniors are retired live alone with very little income no back up reserves.this large "increase " won't help seniors, I am just fed up!!!!!!!!

Linda Green

you talk about giving money to people but some of us don't see anything for months, and then but to talk about the child care getting more money,but Seniors don't get anything unless they have children, what about the older Senior who don't have any children, and still waiting for something that will never come.

Latrisha Mcshan

everyone should get a stimulus check in December because we a long way from a cure from covid who's to say the vaccines isn't causing the cases to go up


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