Former officer Kim Potter will testify in her trial over killing of Daunte Wright, attorney says

CBS News

Cover picture for the articleA defense attorney for Kim Potter says the former Brooklyn Center police officer will testify in her manslaughter trial over the killing of Daunte Wright. While questioning a prospective juror, defense attorney Paul Engh said Potter will take the stand, CBS Minnesota reports. The development came as lawyers and...

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As a Black mother of a son.....if you don't want the police man handling or shooting your children then STOP RAISING LITTLE THUGS! Black mommas use to demand respect from there children or that ass got beat! Be respectful even if they ain't respectful to you, cause your better than they are! If you get arrested unjustly, or your child does, then there are plenty of lawyers that would take that case for free! Stop resisting arrest! Every police encounter that ends with a Black person dying starts with....they were resisting arrest. I seen all y'all's videos being all disrespectful and acting like you some kind of gangster thug when you get stopped by the police! I'd have smacked y'all too! Like yo momma should have!

Phil Layshio

NOT GUILTY. Can't prove criminal intent. May be found guilty of a lesser charge. Board up the liquor stores, athletic shoe stores and big screen stores. Work boot stores will be untouched


Daunte Wright choked a women and robbed her at gunpoint.Shot a 16 year old in the head and left him a vegetable. But Media posts smiling pictures of him holding a toddler like Such A Sweet Guy.


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