College Football World Reacts To Jim Harbaugh’s Announcement

The Spun
The Spun
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Not even Ohio State fans can hate on Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh’s latest gesture. On Monday, Harbaugh and his wife, Sarah, announced that they’re giving whatever incentive bonus money earned this season back to the athletic department. That money will then be distributed to those in the department who had...

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being a die-hard Ohio State fan I have to say that is one heck of a thing to do obviously greed is not a part of his nature. because of this I'll probably find myself rooting for them in the big ten championship ✌️


Class act I personally would have given it to our military men and women without places to live. Classy gesture tho by him and his wife and congrats on the huge win

Maggie Maffei

As a Mom of an athetic trainer at a university in NC who watched their kid have to go through furlough days due to pandemic and sweat bill paying I commend this coach and his wife stepping up. The underlings who don't make anywhere near these coaches salaries put in 12-15 hrs days or more traveling and still have to be there for rehab , etc felt major financial pain. Thank you for your consideration of the people who are devoted and are also the behind the scenes and backbone of your athletes.


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