Andy Cohen Explains Why There Isn’t A Real Husbands Reality Show

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Househusbands. Where to begin? There are the ones we all love ( Donn Gunvalson comes to mind). And the ones we all despise (that list is way too long). There are the ones we like to look at ( Mauricio Umansky ). And then theres…well…someones step-grandpappy.

When it comes to being on the Bravo camera, some husbands are hyper aware of their image. Joe Gorga comes to mind. The way this meatball is trying to be a comedian and a motivational speaker at the same time is a level of delusion nearly unparalleled by even his pop-star-wannabe wife. I guess house-“flipping” isn’t paying the bills anymore! In contrast, you have the Mauricio and PK Kemsleys of the world who appear completely oblivious to the camera crew recording a stoned gossip sesh. We love to see it!

After filming an episode of Watch What Happens Live , Andy Cohen took some time to answer audience questions. In a post shared by the @bravowwhl account Andy fielded a question about doing a Real Househusband show. He exclaimed, “We did think of doing a house-husbands show!”

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“We developed, early on, we developed a show called The Real Husbands of Orange County and we cast a bunch of husbands and the truth is, guys are kinda boring,” Andy explained before he added, “No offense.” No offense but I don’t think anyone thought random husbands would be interesting. The house-husbands of our Housewives on the other hand….maybe.

Andy said the attempt at a “Real Husband” show took place about three seasons in to Real Housewives of Orange County . He said in the end production decided, “you know what? We’re not doing this.”

While I don’t particularly love the amount of thirst some husbands show while filming, I do love the insight into who our leading ladies have chosen to spend the rest of their lives their public image with. Am I the only one who would tune in to watch some mess like Michael Darby try to act cool with Frank Catania ? Or Ken Todd and Todd Tucker bonding over business ? Honestly, I think the possibilities are endless. Let’s send a few of these men to Turks and Caicos to see what develops.

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