4th Stimulus Check Update: Will Social Security Recipients Receive Payments in 2022?

Cover picture for the articleWhen it comes to stimulus payments, many Social Assistance beneficiaries wonder whether they will qualify for them and need to take any action as the fourth round of stimulus money begins to be disbursed. Fortunately, the IRS has helped clear up a lot of the confusion, so if you’re stumped and...

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Kathyp Hutto

one thing I don't understand. US SENIORS WHO ARE RETIRED WORKED FOR OUR Country. welfare who has depended on the government who depends on the working people they provide HOUSING. FOOD STAMPS. HELP ON ELECTRIC MEDICAL VISIONS MEDICINES. EVERYTHING IS HANDED TO THEM. PLUS THEY GET STIMULUS CKS EVERY MONTH. WE DONT WE PROVIDED THE GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE FOR THEM. about 36% disables can actually work. I believe if you want to take from us you should at least work 25 hours a week. Earn your WELFARE. All I hear you don't qualify. don't qualify. I have worked over 60 years. I paid in my dues and still paying my insurance. I go to the food distrabution lines when I can and get food. there are millions of seniors like me that has paid paid paid in our dues. what's wrong with this country?

Laura Finnell

I'm disabled & a senior but what the goverment don't understand yes we get a raise in 2022 but what raise are we really getting besides the raise of our medicare is going to take that raise away from us cause we all know that when we get a raise then medicare takes it away....I have seen my father living on a lousy 1216 a month for over 40yrs now & every raise the goverment says he got was yanked right out from under him because his so called MEDICARE took it away & never saw it in his whole life ....THIS IS WHAT OUR RAISE WILL DO FOR US SENIORS

Nancy Franks

well lying Biden can't help the senior cause he helped the immigration people's instead he need to be impeached now


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