YouTuber Apetor tragically dies just five days after telling everyone he wasn’t dead


A YouTuber has tragically died just five days after posting a video telling his followers he was not dead.

Tor Eckhoff – better known as Apetor – was a 57-year-old YouTuber who lived in Sandefjord, Norway and was best known for his weird and wonderful travel videos, live streams and love for Norwegian vodka.

Eckhoff reportedly died on Saturday after falling into an icy water while filming a video the previous day, according to a local news outlet .

They reported that he was taken to a hospital via an air ambulance, but sadly could not be saved.

Eckhoff had over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and had somewhat of a yearly tradition of notifying his followers that he was not dead on his birthday.

But, he died just five days after uploading a video for his 57th birthday titled “I am not dead, I am 57 today”.

The video, shared to Eckhoff’s 1.2 million subscribers, features the YouTuber in a bath outside, drinking vodka and exploring nature. It has since amassed over 1.4 million views.

His fans have left tributes to the 57-year-old across social media.

Eckhoff’s partner also paid tribute to him in an emotional Facebook post.

She said: “Thank you for everything you have been to Johannes and me. We have endless good memories, and we miss you so indescribably!”

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Fun n Games

Rip mr YouTuber. We never know when our time is up, but I believe you lived life to the fullest! Now onto your next journey. Prayers and God bless you sir.

Niecy Is here.

He looks like a guy who was funny and entertaining, and loved to share the life he enjoyed with his fans and viewers. It's like he was cracking and facting on not being dead. This is so sad. my condolences go out to the family 🌺🙏🏽💐❤️


He looks like a guy who really enjoyed his time here on earth. We all will follow him in death so happy travels ! 🕊


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