Don Lemon Backs Chris Cuomo Live on Air as Host's Involvement With Brother Revealed

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Chris Cuomo said he would not address the scandal surrounding his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and would focus on other news...

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Christine ChristineM

Don Lennon needs to go as well. He is an opinion columnist who portrays himself as a journalist and presents his unsubstantiated opinions as if they contain actual facts and his “anonymous informants” as if they were legitimate. CNN does not follow the rules for honest journalism, and cannot be sited as honest journalism.

Alice Speed

Bravo,Mr. Lemon for being a kind friend.Thats what's wrong with this World.No Empathy,People Love To kick you when your down.Rock on Mr.Lemon!!

Donna Lenard

I personally liked the Chris Cuomo show over all & will miss seeing him at night. What he did for his bother it sounds like he crossed the line. And CNN feels they have enough info to take the actions they did against Chris. The station has to becareful with who & what is said on air, even in what those people do in thier personal life.As for Don Lemon he is true friends with Chris and good friends have each other back. I admit I do not watch Don Lemon show as much as Chris Cuomo show. To each there own what shows they like.


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