Tigers' Lester Quinones makes foray into fashion world with Effortles label

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Since he was a child, Memphis guard Lester Quinones has always had an eye for fashion.

Looking and trying on different clothes, mixing and matching different styles and trends have brought him joy — and attention.

His sense of style has helped him stand out, even on the court, where he became known for the short shorts movement.

Now, Quinones is officially diving into the fashion world thanks to a name, image and likeness partnership with In-House.

“It’s very exciting, especially the fact that we’re allowed to make some type of profit off our name, image and likeness,” he said. “It’s really putting something out there for my fans to actually represent me more. That’s exciting to me.”

In-House is a fashion marketplace with selections straight from celebrities and athletes, Quinones being the latest one.

The marketplace launched earlier this year featuring the likes of Wiz Khalifa and The Weeknd, among others.

The NIL partnership offers a chance for Quinones to delve deeper into one of his passions from his childhood.

“Ever since I was little I’ve been into (fashion). Growing up,  Halloween was one of my favorite holidays because I was able to dress up. I’ve always been into clothes,” he said.

The “Effortles” T-shirt will be available for purchase Tuesday, Nov.30. Lester Quinones will have more pieces coming out in the spring. (Courtesy of In-House)

Now fans will get to see his ideas come to life. On Tuesday, Nov. 30, Quinones and In-House will be launching a teaser of his brand, Effortles.

One item will be available for purchase Tuesday, and the Memphis guard will have more pieces coming out in the spring.

The collaboration with the In-House team has been one of Quinones’ favorite parts of the process.

“I give them ideas and the team comes together and comes up with, like, 10 ideas for me. I’ll go through the stuff and anything I like, we’ll keep it,” he said. “Anything I want to change, they change. It kind of runs through me.”

Having such input is a powerful feeling for Quinones.

“That’s why I like this brand and this opportunity for me. They’re trying to pick my brain, pick out my ideas from my head and whatever I like goes out there. It’s really fun to just have a team that’s willing to listen to what I have to say and what I want to be designed,” Quinones said.

One of his inspirations for his jump into the fashion game was Virgil Abloh, the founder of his own brand, Off-White, and was the first Black man to be named artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear. The legend in the industry, who also had worked with Kanye West, died of cancer Sunday at age 41.

“It’s crazy because he just passed, but he was one of the main fashion designers I looked at. I wear a lot of Off-White. Off-White is probably my main brand,” Quinones said.

With his own creative mind and inspiration from designers like Abloh, Quinones will have a chance to make his own mark with his brand.

As for what you can anticipate from it, Quinones has a clear vision in mind.

“My image is being a flashy type of guy. That’s what I’m into,” he said. “We’ll be looking at stuff that if somebody is walking by, they’ll be like, ‘Damn, where’d you get that from?’

“I want them to be like yeah, I designed that.”

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