Enes Kanter Freedom Speaks Out On America: "They Love To Criticize It But When You Live In A Country Like Turkey, You Appreciate The Freedoms You Have Here."

Cover picture for the articleNBA big man Enes Kanter may not be getting much playing on the court, but he's in the headlines now more than ever before. Recently, the 29-year-old has been taking a stand against communism and other regimes that limit human freedoms, going so far as to call out LeBron James and...

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MB sc

this guy was the only one not kneeling right? it's sad when you have someone from turkey who loves this country more than a billionaire like the queen LeBron who kisses up to China and bashes america.


i was sent to Incirlik Turkey in 1979. it was my last year of an 8 year stretch as a USAF Pararescue PJ. Iran had taken our hostages, and we were the 2nd wave of an impending invasion of Tehran. Jimmy Carter called us off after the accident that killed 9 Army SF. there were Turks N outside the base burning flags and chanting anti American words. I was surprised as Turkey was a NATO base and some what of an Allied entity. The country it seems, has reverted back towards more semi radical Islam in some ways. I like this player speaking his heart


Let me get this straight. This guy says American citizens shouldn't speak out about corruption or oppression or any governmental wrong doing in the United States just because it's better living here than in turkey? Somebody make it make sense! As Americans it seems that the people who are agreeing with him really want more of our rights took away from us.. When this guy quits his NBA job I'll take him a little more serious because the NBA still has ties to China and every other communist nation that he is rambling on about but he continues to cash that check.


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