Parker McCollum Harvests His First Mountain Lion On “The Hunt Of A Lifetime”

Whiskey Riff
Whiskey Riff

The Limestone Kid has been having one hell of a time at Aught Six Ranch, near Pueblo, Colorado.

Aside from the breathtaking views out there, Parker McCollum has been taking in all that the Colorado outdoors has to offer, both hunting and fishing.

Yesterday, he shared a picture of a gorgeous rainbow trout that he hooked, with a beautiful mountain backdrop behind him, and I’m not gonna lie, I was a little jealous.

Rainbows in Colorado, sign me the hell up.

But today, he topped that with the hunt of a lifetime.

Parker harvested his first mountain lion, and damn if that sucker doesn’t look huge.

“The hunt of a lifetime at the Aught Six Ranch today!

Cannot explain how long I waited to get a chance to harvest a mountain lion! Dream come true!”

Mountain lions are some of the most elusive creatures to hunt, and it can be a real battle to even locate one in difficult mountain terrains.

It’s fairly common to use hounds to track down these big cats and chase them up a tree where they can then be found by the hunter. It sounds much easier than it is though. You have locate a fresh mountain lion tracks, the dogs have to follow the trail, and then you have to find the dogs once they tree the mountain lion.

The dogs can be quite far from you by the time the locate the mountain lion so running up and down the mountain, possibly in the snow, can be a tall order.

And since many people are uncomfortable with the thought of eating a mountain lion, at least more uncomfortable than they might be about deer for instance, here’s well known Aussie hunter Adam Greentree discussing the taste of mountain lion with Joe Rogan.

Spoiler alert… it tastes like chicken.

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David Salvas

Stop killing the Mountian Lion’s Let them all Roam the Wilderness when they are not bothering the farmers and the Ranchers with there Cattle and all other Live stock

Nancy Klamm

What a sick excuse for a human being you are. Why can’t you just appreciate wildlife without having to destroy it.

Debby Moses McCown

She's not a Hunter she's a animal abuser. Hunters kill for food. If you can't eat it don't kill it.


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