Russia issues threat to GPS satellites

Cover picture for the articleThe Kremlin warned it could blow up 32 GPS satellites with its new anti-satellite technology, ASAT, which it tested Nov. 15 on a retired Soviet Tselina-D satellite, according to numerous news reports. Russia then claimed on state television that its new ASAT missiles could obliterate NATO satellites and “blind...

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North Ga user

The space is like international waters. All nations have free rights to space. An attack on another nation's satellite would be an act of war!

David Gillham

A bully loves to control by the use of fear tactics. Those making threats should understand relataliation in kind would ensue. Notably, U.S. weapons systems have had Inertial guidance system for many decades.

Joseph M.

Both Russia and China doing some Saber Rattling. Due to the Fact that Talibiden has Given the impression to the world that we are now a Paper Tiger. A Piñata that anyone can take a swipe at! Sickens me to the core! Even the appearance of Weakness invites provocative threats from our Enemies! Perhaps it is time to Flex our own Muscles with a Demonstration of our Military Capabilities!


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