Elon Musk Confirms: Tesla Employees Get Health Insurance, Stock, & Are Paid More Than Unionized Auto Workers


Cover picture for the articleIn an interview with CNBC’s Andrew Sorkin this past week, General Motors CEO Mary Barra shared some interesting alternative facts about Tesla and how much Tesla pays its employees. To be fair, she was asked some tough questions and Tesla isn’t her company. However, her claim that, as per her last...

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Douglas Johnson

Mr Musk is like Henry Ford in the sense he is what used to be termed a welfare capitalist . " Welfare capitalism is capitalism that includes social welfare policies better source needed and/or the practice of businesses providing welfare services to their employees. Welfare capitalism in this second sense, or industrial paternalism, was centered on industries that employed skilled labor and peaked in the mid-20th century." Ford paid his workers then outstanding salary of five dollars a day and pioneered the five day work week . This was to increase productivity and cut turnover. "

Raymond J. Holder Jr

From the article Tesla emplyees"MAY be making more" then others in the automotive industry. Meaning some are, some aren't!

Tony Torres

if the government keep making more difficult to Tesla company,move to another country,same like Amazon and let's see when they realize how important those companies are for the nation,this administration are going to destroy the country.


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