CNN's Brian Stelter admits Chris Cuomo revelations 'cast some doubt' on anchor's past comments on family drama

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleCNN's leftwing media correspondent Brian Stelter offered a subtle but rather stunning admission regarding the bombshell revelations about his colleague Chris Cuomo that have emerged from the New York attorney general's investigation into his brother, now-ex Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Newly-released testimony shows the "Cuomo Prime Time" host heavily...

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Thalles Howard

This proves that the propaganda press corp are another arm of the democrat party. The clown news network and MSDNC gets there marching orders from the democrat party. This is why you can't call them the media. Propaganda press corp.

Adrienne Hall

Where are you people everytime Fox News reports their fake news on behalf of Trump? The hypocrisy if it all is so real.


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