Joe Biden 'has blood on his hands' with COVID: Greg Gutfeld

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Fox News

Cover picture for the articleThere are more reported deaths in 2021 with COVID-19 versus 2020 despite widely-available vaccines, Greg Gutfeld pointed out on "The Five" Monday. "Not only [does Biden] have blood on his hands for the number of people that have died under his watch, which is now more than when Trump was president...

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understatement....more people have died or been seriously negatively effected by the vaccine on FJB's watch than on Trump's and Trump didn't have all these vaccines til NOV 3rd....FJB said Trump should not be president when he faced the pandemic without the "help" FJB has had.

k brown .brown

1. first step act over 4,000 Blk men and women released from prison and no one returned during his term for jobs were in an abundance 2. He tried to put prayer back in school instead of homosexuality taught to 4th graders.... Democrats shot that down. 3. the urban renewal for first time business owners! 4. an executive order to make sure the HBCU had funding for life Biden pulled it back 5. He stopped the 400,000 payment Obama sent out during his last days 6. he shut down W.H.O. when he found out that Billy Boy gates was the #1 civilian donor who is pushing population control. 7. he pushed foreign governments to become independent from America to keep our. funding and stop giving away money 8. HE DONATED HIS ENTIRE SALARY ALL 4 YEARS! AND AGAIN I AM REGISTERED INDEPENDENT..BUT RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG!

Fish Michigan

more died under Biden check your facts


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