Strasburg father and son sentenced for raping, abusing children for more than a decade

Lancaster Online

Cover picture for the articleEditor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the Beilers were sentenced Monday. A Strasburg father and son convicted of raping and abusing children for more than a decade were sentenced Monday, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office. Daniel Glick Beiler, 52, will serve 10...

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Erica Romero

They are AMISH I found the sons picture 🤢🤮can you believe the son was a breeder ,this guy is a monster. The dad posted a 75,000 bail for the son all cash. The father is out on bail too. Where is the justice for the victimsp?

Erica Romero

These monsters are pure evil!! It went from generation to generation very sad case of abuse that took the authorities way to long to do anything .

Carmen Mendoza

ok let's not get into BLM or racist issues...this is disgusting regardless of whom committed the crime..both should be in state penitentiary..those children are scarred for life...and son walkin around able to do it again..hopefully he won't kill someone in the process of rapin again..


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