Alexander: Federal appeals court blocks OSHA overreach

Cover picture for the articleAs many legal scholars have believed from the beginning, Pres. Biden lacked both the constitutional and statutory authority to mandate vaccines for private workers, but he, nevertheless, ordered the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to do so. In response, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled on this...

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It is completely unconstitutional. One branch of government does not have absolute power….that is why the founding fathers created 3 branches of government…it’s called Checks and Balances….it was made to make sure that no one branch can have total control. And for those who think this is a “temporary injunction” that’s fine, go ahead and believe that, but honestly the 5th circuit court of appeals put a stay, or a hold on the mandate…..and addressed it stating that the administration could in no way shape or form enforce this mandate at this time. Now it’s up to the 6th circuit court of appeals to make a ruling….and this will most likely go to the Supreme Court. So the “temporary injunction” could last for months or longer. Meanwhile the administration cannot enforce it, even though they are now calling it a requirement instead of a mandate and they are still encouraging business to comply

Ruben Gonzalez

1 Climate change is normal not remotely the “existential threat to humanity” that Biden and so many others claim. The numbers from the UNITED NATIONS reports, In my opinion Biden/Obama are the biggest car dealer in the world trying to sell electric cars Environmental impact, windmills Environmental impact, solar panels Environmental impact, and any other electronics,Lithium batteries The environmental impact that fracking for lithium does to the earth, electronic chips for electric vehicles, Parts Not made in the USA (Parts coming/ Made from CHINA). Billionaires and millionaires have No Regard for common poor working class Americans.

Carla Grissom

Thank God somebody standing up to OSHA!! They do not have the power to make us take an experimental drug! Know your rights!!


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