Ummm Is ADHD Considered a Disability?


Cover picture for the articleIf you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), focusing and paying attention can be an everyday challenge. But whether your condition is mild or debilitating, you may wonder whether having ADHD is considered a disability, and if there are ways your workplace can help better accommodate you. So, is...

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Brian Jordan

Then I made it through life disabled. Not disabled different abilities. Great supervisor/facilitator/ teacher. Terrible student in my youth

Bruno From HB

ADHD not diagnosed until adulthood. School/math was especially difficult in my younger years. Found a teacher in college who understood, taught math in a way I could comprehend. Multitasking is my strength, ER RN for almost thirty years, channeling my ADHD strengths into a wonderful and profitable career. Never give in or give up. Perseverance and thinking productivity “outside the box” works. Read up on DAVINCI ADHD. Invaluable information, and YOU ARE VALUABLE AND INTELLIGENT!


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