If the Supreme Court throws out ‘Roe v. Wade,’ it will tear the country apart

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleRoe v. Wade is an important piece of the duct tape that holds this fractious nation together, and it would be a grievous error for the antiabortion majority on the Supreme Court to rip it away. But that is precisely what the court, with its 6-3 conservative majority, looks...

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Wayne Cannon

you wanna get an abortion, you go right ahead. but I don't want my taxes or group plan to pay for it. your fun on Saturday night should not cost me a dime. I paid my share of child support for my fun. never asked the state for help. are there to many children running around parent less, yes but they didn't ask to be born.

Wendy Ahava

ABORTION is murder!!!!Those who support it have no concern or compassion for the bloodshed and body parts sold for monetary gain!!!!!!!

Cheryl Dobi

If , if, if that's all you have. Women can go to any planned parent ofc free and get free contraceptives. They will even mail them to you.


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