Red America has seen the highest rates of cases and deaths, and the lowest rate of vaccinations

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleIt’s worth putting a fine point on a subject I raised earlier Monday: It is red America, Donald Trump-voting America, that has seen the worst effects of the pandemic. With divergent vaccination rates, with the unvaccinated population that’s most at risk being made up of Republicans at three times the rate...

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And the people of the red states still aren’t concerned - so neither should be anyone else from out of state. Don’t blame us if we are willing to accept some risk in life in order to maintain some sense of autonomy and freedom. Let those who want lockdowns, mandates and draconian rules imposed on them live in the blue states - not to mention higher taxes. The rest of us will be happy knowing that when we die at least we died free.

Mind Yo'self

pretty sure Cuomo killed elderly by deliberately putting covid infected patients in nursing homes last time I checked that's a blue state

Leroy Dennis

I would go checking the facts 1st Florida is doing pretty well with this and they've broken all the rules according to Biden and company


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