Cowboys Announce Who Will Take Over As Head Coach

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The Spun
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Mike McCarthy will not be on the sidelines for the Dallas Cowboys when they take on the New Orleans Saints this Thursday. But somebody has to step in and run the team in his absence. Speaking to the media on Monday, McCarthy announced that defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will...

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Grace Hernandez

Unfortunate for our coach and any other members who have fell ill to this virus or any other illness. Wishing all a safe and quick recovery!

William Arendt

This should be a easy win for the Cowboys! Most of the Saints starters are out half of the second string is hurting! Besides the fact that the Saints started the season with no number one wide receiver or a number two! The receivers the Saints do have can't catch a ball to save their own lives! The only thing on offense that is worth a dam is the offensive line and they are banged up as well! This should be the easiest win the Cowboys will get this year!

Vince 10

Why is everybody ignoring the fact that all these guys are vaccinated. But the one's that are unvaccinated are getting demonized. Freaking sycho people in this world.


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