Dodgers: Looking at Kris Bryant as a Fallback Chris Taylor Signs Elsewhere

Inside The Dodgers
Inside The Dodgers

This offseason, possibly more than most, seems to be integral to the future of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Aside from being in contention for their top free agents Corey Seager and Max Scherzer, they may have to prepare for a time without Chris Taylor, who is a highly sought-after utility player.

Former Dodgers outfielder, Andre Either, thinks that the organization should not let an asset such as Taylor get away and describes him as a "jack of all trades". Of course, the Dodgers are going to do everything they possibly can to keep the valued utility man, but what if they can't? Who could possibly fill such large shoes? Some think that maybe Kris Bryant could be the answer.

Given his positional versatility, analysts once thought that Bryant would command a large contract, but due to a drop in production most likely due to injury, he is no longer headed in that direction. In his first couple of years with the Cubs(2015-2017), Bryant ranked third among position players in fWAR with 20.8, only behind Mike Trout (25.8) and Josh Donaldson (21.8). Since then, Bryant has compiled 17.8 fWAR, placing him 24th in the majors.

Regardless of the recent stats, Bryant still promises to be highly sought after, partially due to being able to start at five positions, including all three outfield spots as well as the two infield corners. Plus, he is a right-handed bat with some power and the Dodgers could always use another one of those in their line-up.

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