Subway Announces 2 New Sandwiches and a Free 6-Inch Deal


Cover picture for the articleThe holidays are just around the corner, and Subway is giving fans some early gifts. The sandwich purveyor rolled out two new sandwich options: the Chicken and Bacon Ranch and Baja Chicken and Bacon. It's also rolling out a freebie deal that you're going to want to take advantage...

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Roger Smith

I refuse to eat at Subway, after their lie about their fake tuna! If they lied about that, what else are they lying about, hmmm?? No matter how many celebrities they pay to advertise their food, I’ll never return to Subway! I’ve even persuaded my friends not to go there anymore!!

Karrie Martell

I personally work at subway and the tuna I have to mix with mayo and it looks and tastes just fine🐟 and when I did the bread it was already rolled into sticks but I had to defrost it stretch it and score it before I baked anything..and the herb and cheese I would dip into herb powder and sprinkle cheese on top. the "New" CBR is because it's with a rotisserie chicken now💕 I like our stores food and I make it fresh daily 😋

Amber Rose

I love eating at subway and so does my family! I can't wait to try both of the new chicken bacon sandwiches they came out with!


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