Bodies hanging from Mexico overpasses: Powerful drug cartels are back to their old tactics

USA Today

Cover picture for the articleMexico's notorious drug cartels appear to have resumed some of its bloodiest tactics, after nine half-naked and tortured bodies recently were found hanging from a bridge on a federal highway in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. Mexican authorities said a tenth body was found on the ground, apparently falling...

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Joseph Medeiros

Mexican President probably has a direct line to the cartel who did this. This type of act show’s that the cartels have no fear of being caught for their criminal activities. It shows that the Mexican government has no power over the cartels and that they can’t even protect the innocent people of Mexico. You have to put the blame on the government for letting these criminals operate like they do. Remember not to long ago the president of Mexico let El Chapo‘s son go when he had him arrested . A sign of weakness.


ALMO you are safe and surrounded by security while the rest of Mexico suffers. Please do something to protect your citizens that put you into office.

Not Happening

And Beijing Joe Biden and his supporters are the best friends the Cartels ever had !


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