Why the queen removed a Christmas photo of Harry and Meghan, according to new book

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Cover picture for the articlePrince Harry felt he was being “erased” from the royal family after the queen did not display a photo of him during her 2019 Christmas address, according to a new book about the royals. The claim was made in “Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate,...

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Happy cat

Absolutely bull💩! With the exception of her husband's picture those photos reflect the those in line to be king. With a loving picture of her dad the previous king. Seriously Harry needs to get over his inflated, entitled self!

Vanessa Shearer

OMFG, I love how he wants all this drama and always acts like the victim. I'm American and I hate Harry and his Hollywood wife. They're just like all the rest drama filled actors and actresses in Hollywood. Just shut up and except the fact you left the Royal family. You pave your own path and you need to learn from it. 🙄


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