Turpin Sisters, Who Were Rescued From The 'House Of Horrors' With Their 11 Siblings, Say Parents Justified Their Abuse Using The Bible & God


Cover picture for the articleJennifer and Jordan Turpin, two of the 13 Turpin siblings who were rescued from their California home dubbed the “House of Horrors,” said their parents used the Bible and God to justify their horrific abuse. Article continues below advertisement. According to the sisters’ interview with Diane Sawyer for ABC’s...

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Shari's. Passion

I watch the 1-hour program about what these parents were doing to these children! oh my God it is so horrible to think that any parent could be chaining up their kids and keeping them from having food. I pray this entire 13 children get all the help that they need!!

Lydia Mendoza Washington

There is no where in the word of God that's states tormenting and starving your child is permitted also the word does not say killing your children is okay it is murder and one of his ten commandments is thou shalt not kill. These parents if you want to call them that I prefer Demons from hell posing as humans tormented these innocent children and should get the death penalty now when an awful crime is done death is permitted.

Karen Libby

I have first hand knowledge of the abuse people do to others using scriptures and the word of God! Under the banner of Christianity! They are really devils!


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