Apple’s battery development chief flees


Cover picture for the articleApple's global battery development chief, Ahn Soonho, has moved to Volkswagen to lead the automaker's development of electric vehicle batteries. The move is further proof that Apple’s car moves are not being taken that seriously within the company. This is the second time in recent months that an Apple...

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Well , the future is not in electric vehicles , but in the home ! Time to wean the general public from a centralized "electrical grid" ! Imagine , a uninterrupted power supply , independent from the electrical grid... a "power closet" with fuel cells rechargeable by "solar cells" ? No more needless "blackouts" or brownouts...but the sense of security with a home electric system ! By the way , never have to worry about charging the little gadgets and the family love this....especially , the wife !


Though he fled, they could have caught up with him at the next recharging station!!!

Betty Kelly

probably a Chinese spy friend of mine is retired from his own engineering firm had a Chinese employee for 15 years the best one he had when he retired he was caught taking photos of their documents well my buddy thought that he was him and his partner thought they were and ask him are you going to sue us thought they were getting sued or something and the guy the Chinese employee just laughed and said no I'm not going to sue you and they found out he ended up taking it all back to China and this is out of oak ridge Tennessee in Knoxville and they are Chinese spies all over oak ridge not to mention in the Congress Einstein's office manager 20 year office manager she called and the media called the chauffeur he was her office manager a Chinese spy for 20 years

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