The doctor who warned about the new Coronavirus variant in South Africa says the symptoms are strange but less severe


Angelique Coetzee was the doctor who warned authorities about the omicron variant after noticing strange symptoms in her Coronavirus patients. In an interview with El Telégrafo , he says that several young patients of different ethnic groups began to arrive with symptoms that did not seem to make much sense.

The most common symptom you noticed in the new variant was extreme fatigue, it also causes muscle pain, but the discomfort only lasts for about two days based on what you've observed. There have been 24 patients who have presented these symptoms of which half were not vaccinated. Although the consequences for them have not been very serious, Dr. Coetzee is concerned about the impact it will have on the older adult population.

"What we have to worry about now is that when unvaccinated older people become infected with the new variant, and if they are not vaccinated, we will see a lot of people with a serious illness," he said.

The new variant was first identified in Botswana, then cases were discovered in Hong Kong and South Africa. So far the presence of the mutation has already been confirmed in other places including Belgium, the Netherlands and Israel. Several of these countries are already taking preventive measures to stop the contagion before it becomes massive.

Since the news broke, a sense of panic has been generated around the world. Angelique Coetzee asks for reassurance, saying that until now it is not necessary to be alarmed, "when observing how mild the symptoms we are seeing are, there is currently no reason to panic, since we do not see seriously ill patients."

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Ken T

more hype, more fear, more paranoia=more control. Just ignore all these voices of fear and hype. Do you realize this is never going to end? Just like the flu, new strains/variants every year. Some in government and the medical field see this as an opportunity to build their power over your life. On and on and on it goes.


Doesn’t matter what he says, Biden/democrats will make It a bigger killer than delta and Covid-19, they always need a crisis to win or get anything accomplished!

Jennifer Griffin

I already have those "symptoms" 24\7 so I guess if I get sick I won't know. Still not getting vaccinated, though.


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