Trump’s Capacity to Steal the 2024 Election Is Only Growing

Vanity Fair

Cover picture for the articleAhead of his likely reelection run in 2024, Donald Trump is building an infrastructure for insurrection. The “fraud” cries on social media, the desperate begging of administrators to “find” votes for him, the blustery calls for his supporters to “fight” for him—all that may be so last year. Now, he and...

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Robert Lay

who ever has written this post is doing what ever they can to help the liberals and far left destroy "our beloved American"! it nothing more than a big "LIE"!!!☹

Eddie Tints

lol they said steel the election, The American people know Joe Biden stole the last election and he is the worst president in US history

Victoria Pecsenye

he doesn't need to steal anything okay he has enough supporters to win and if you think that fighting is lowering taxes have you been to the grocery store the gas pump lately the only the taxes will be on the excessively Rich bulshit 30 days after I was late on my house tax taxes because I own my home they put my house up for sale and are ready to take my house there are more empty houses in the United States that are banned in that bad things happening where all these homeless people could be living we should take care of the people in our own country we should buy things that are made in our own country and we should be self-supporting national socialism


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