What Happens to Cremated Remains Thereafter?

Cover picture for the articleWhen a New York funeral home closed its door a few years ago, it found itself in the midst of a moral dilemma it had never bargained for. There, on its shelves, were more than 275 boxes of cremains never picked up by the families of the deceased. Some dated back...

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I'm to be cremated when I die and have my ashes spread around my local donut shop..that way my fatass friends will pay their respects at least twice a day 🤔😉😞🇺🇸••• -

Barb Coffey Craig

My father wanted a ‘live’ burial. That is when the ashes are put directly into the ground, ashes to ashes and dust to dust. No box or coffin. My mother wanted their ashes to be mixed together and buried in the ground, ashes to ashes and dust to dust. After having them in their urns for 24 years, I took them to the family cemetery, dug a hole, and put a few little things that meant a lot to them in the hole. I mixed the ashes and poured them into the hole. I had 2 identical bracelets made, put 1 on top of the ashes and I wear one on my wrist. I placed my hand over their ashes and said a prayer, said goodbye, and filled in the hole with dirt, then sod. I put their headstone on top and they are now resting together. I am happy with doing what they both wanted and know they will always be together and love me for fulfilling their final wish.


My parents ashes were some scattered along their favorite path, a small amount in necklaces and the remainder buried in the family plot without services as per their request. I will be cremated as well and buried in the family plot. No services.


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