Ted Nugent Slams Gene Simmons Over His Vaccine Stance

Cover picture for the articleGene Simmons has been very open on his feelings about anti-vaxxers and even said at one point he wasn't 'worried if an idiot gets COVID and dies.' Also very open about his stance on COVID-19 vaccines is Ted Nugent, who had a lot to say in a recent interview regarding...

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Chester Skapczynski

Uncle Ted has a point. These people looking to doxx anti-vaxxers are simply proving themselves to be full of hate. All of these mandates against personal choice must stop. If you're vaccinated, why should you care who isn't?

?F.J.B.? let's go Brandon

I personally am not getting the vaccination, the numbers are not declining as more people get vaccinated numbers don't lie,other than that, if you got vaccinated you're safe right you won't get it right so what do you care if I got it or not, this is a personal choice correct? gene needs to stop preaching to people, rock on Ted.

Lori Bryant

I adore Gene and can't stand Ted. But in this case he is right ✅ I am ashamed of the things Gene has said regarding this virus. I thought he was smarter than that 🤔 #1) He is WRONG to vilinize people who are not vaccinated. I had Covid and now I'm way more amune than people who have been vaccinated!! Keep your holier than thow, no longer being safe self away from everyone else! News flash Gene: You can still contact and spread COVID with the shot! As careful as I am, that's where I got it from: a Fully Vaccinated person!!!


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