'Licorice Pizza' Faces Backlash for Racist Gag That Left Viewers Gasping


Cover picture for the articleThe new coming-of-age movie Licorice Pizza is facing some serious criticism after its opening weekend in select theaters this Thanksgiving. The movie is set in southern California in the 1970s and features some casual racism against Asian people. According to a report by NBC News, many viewers felt that these lines...

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Kent Premo

Oh my god! I thought they were going to say something really racist. I guess you can’t try to be funny anymore. The only way you can joke is if you are making fun of a white person. Such a shame. All you hear anymore is racist this and racist that! They are crying wolf and it’s getting to the point it’s falling on deaf ears. Snowflakes need to grow up

Michael Kurse

If you want to experience real racism, travel to Asia/ SE Asia/ Japan. If you are a gaijin in Japan , you will clear out elevators with your presence.

James Johnson

Even though I'm Black, I thought that the jive scene in airplane was funny, but then again, I grew up in the 80s, a time when we could laugh at ourselves and others and no one got butt hurt about it.


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