NBA issues statement on Pacers fans LeBron James had ejected

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USA TODAY Sports Media Group

The Los Angeles Lakers had an eventful victory against the Indiana Pacers that had action on the court and on the sidelines.

LeBron James dominated the headlines with his 39-point performance, including multiple celebrations after hitting numerous daggers from beyond the arc.

However, there was also a late-game incident involving fans sitting courtside.

During the overtime period, James walked a referee over to two Pacers fans and had them both ejected.

It wasn’t clear what the fans said, and James’ postgame comments on the matter didn’t reveal much either.

“Nothing is uncomfortable for me, but there is a difference between cheering on your home faithful or booing opponents … not wanting your opponents to be successful, and then there are moments where it goes outside the line with gestures and words that shouldn’t be tolerated in our game. From nobody,” James said. “Things I would never say to a fan, and a fan should never say to a player.”

NBA spokesman Mike Bass issued a statement on the matter Sunday, via Shams Charania of The Athletic:

Charania then followed up with more details from sources on what would happen to the fans:

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Cindy Gills

I don't think LeBron knows what they said, the Commentators said he was on the other side of the court and he didn't hear what they said, SO if he didn't hear what they said why are you going to have them ejected from the game! LEBRON IS NOTHING BUT A BIG BABY, THE NBA LETS HIM GET AWAY WITH TOO MUCH! HIS HEAD IS SO BIG FROM EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT HOW GREAT HE IS, I'M SURPRISED HE CAN FIT THROUGH A DOOR WITH SUCH A BIG HEAD, AND YES THERE ARE SOME PLAYERS BETTER THAN HIM!

Mike Holmes

lebron is weak, ejected a fan over words, last time l checked we have this thing called the first amendment free speech. lebron must think hes in China. l wonder why its ok that nba stars are wearing shoes made by SLAVE labor. the same people that were slaves are now ok with slave labor just as long as they can cash that check!

Jason McMann

LeBron hahahaha I think he should be a cheerleader.....ouchie they said mean words to me and hurt my feelings so I want them thrown out what a joke.. he's apparently special I guess ok fine but the next time a player pops off to a fan they need to be ejected. I see videos of players running there mouths all the time but like I said they get special treatment so they won't hahahah shut up and play the game you diva hahahaha


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