This Chocolate Shop Sells The Sweetest Pie In Colorado

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Nothing can beat a yummy slice of pie after a hearty meal . What makes it better are the many pies you can enjoy. Apple, cherry, key lime, pecan, chocolate -- the possibilities are endless!

Since pie is such a classic American dessert, you can pick one up from many businesses from diners and bakeries to fast food joints and grocery stores. With that said, where can you find the best pie in Colorado?

Eat This, Not That! has the answer to that. According to writers, you can grab a slice of Colorado's best pie at...

Piece, Love and Chocolate !

"This sweet dessert spot has more than just pie, so it's perfect for groups with various tastes," writers say. "The raspberry pie is absolutely picture-perfect."
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If you're stopping by for pie, make sure to try their other delicious confections and drinks. They serve coffee, hot chocolate, truffles, cakes, candy bark, and other great desserts.

You can find this chocolate shop at 805 Pearl St in Boulder, inside the Pearl Street Mall. They're available for delivery, pickup, and outdoor dining, but they can also ship sweets to you!

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