GOP gets pandemic backwards, tries to blame Biden for ongoing crisis


Cover picture for the articleRepublican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming appeared on Fox News yesterday morning and eagerly reminded viewers that "more people have died of Covid under President Biden than did in all of 2020." During his eight-hour speech two weeks ago, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pushed the same talking point....

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Brandon! Let's Go!

Add this to OBiden's Afghan problem, border problem, economy problem, dementia, Labor Participation problem, BIZARRE Cabinet Appointments, China/Russia/NK challenging his weakness, runaway inflation, supply chain problems, gun/ammo sales soaring, uncontrolled spending, VP absenteeism, Taliban armed with abandoned U.S. weapons, sleeping in International Climate Meetings, War on History, Hunter OBiden laptop, OBiden Family corruption, FBI tracking parents as 'Domestic Terrorists', paid-for construction materials for border wall rusting on the ground, IRS in our bank accounts, Illegal Alien $450k payments, loss of Trump Energy Independence, political infighting in his party, constant diaper changes, begging OPEC for more oil (endless supply right here), runaway crime in liberal sanctuary s-hole cities, drugs (fentanyl, etc) crossing the border unabated ALL DAY LONG! "Elect me and I'll have this virus under control in 3 months."(10/7/20, OBiden quote). U can't make this stuff up.

Carmelo Crespo

Republicans know most of their supporters dont need them to do anything meaningful, justs trashing and blaming the Democrats for everything is good enough for them,

Candy Abrahamson Litherland

This is the Bidens administration crisis why does Trump still live in your brain's msnbc? Does Trump give you a woody or something? Trump has nothing to do with anything remember Biden canceled everything good of Trump's


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