Queen Elizabeth Will Only Pick Up the Phone for Two People


Cover picture for the articleConsidering that her life mostly consists of frolicking with a fleet of corgis, moving from one castle to another, and being literal Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth isn’t typically the most relatable. Until now—because apparently, Her Majesty isn’t down to talk to people on the phone, which I think we can...

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Theresa Mares

dear Queen Elizabeth I will pick up the phone for you you are a wonderful person I'm in United States of America I live in Kansas my name is Theresa Marie mares I love royal family Merry Christmas to you and your family take care God bless

Vanessa Greenlee

well,I'm not the queen Elizabeth of England,I'm not an elderly person,neither,I only pick up the phone when mother calls,or if I have a doctor's appointment,there are a lot of unimportant phone calls.


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