Study Reveals Wide Spectrum of COVID-19 Brain Complications – Including Stroke, Hemorrhage, and Other Fatal Complications

Cover picture for the articleThe largest multi-institutional international study to date on brain complications of COVID-19 has found that approximately one in 100 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 will likely develop complications of the central nervous system. These can include stroke, hemorrhage, and other potentially fatal complications. The study is being presented tomorrow at the annual...

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Ruthless critic

The vaccine does not prevent spread of COVID-19 or or the SERIOUS mutations that have come about as a result if these vaccines! Once a virus learns to navigate a vaccinated body it becomes STRONGER AND MORE DEADLY! Our population is being used as lab animals. This is UNACCEPTABLE! All these boosters are just attempts to see if big pharma can get ahead of the mutated virus 🦠 EVERY FAILURE Covid19 gets stronger and more loss of life occurs. That being said this virus was genetically engineered weather it was meant to be a weapon or reduce the population of weak and chronically I’ll Our government should be taking care of us survivors instead of stuffing their own agendas!


well I hate to tell you folks but the flu can cause that too. I know the vaccine has some issues also I've had three friends died 6 months to a year after taking it. we're going through difficult times we need to pull together but we don't need to force people into things like vaccines or put fear in their hearts a great man in England once said all we have to fear is fear itself


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