Disabled Man Raped, Stabbed To Death By Friends; Body Burned: Police

International Business Times

Cover picture for the articleA disabled man in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, whose burnt body was found by his family on a pile of garbage last week, was smothered and stabbed to death by his friends, police said. The victim, identified as Sachin, was out partying with his friends Vivek, Ravi,...

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NoGuts NoGlory

The more heinous the headline, the more assured I am it happened in India. I just read another article about a neighbor who buried a two-year-old alive to exact revenge against her parents. It seems the entire country is lawless.

Damian G

Some of these articles are just to much to read and handle mentally, then there’s even more deeper ones if you keep scrolling down. My prayers to those life’s lost, but to the people that actually have the audacity to do these types of crimes to other innocent people specially Children!? Shame on you and God watches everything! Might not me today might not be tomorrow or in a year but one day when you least expect it you will get yours then ask god why it happened to you but then you will realize why.

Wanda Atkinson

Lord Jesus: This World & People Really Needs "Help", I'm Praying For "Everyone's Well Being & Sadness"!!! Amen...this World Greatly Needs It; This Is An "Evil Acts Story and True that People Can Be this Evil to Another"!!! Amen


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