Check if Social Security Beneficiaries Will Get A Fourth Stimulus Check Or Not

Cover picture for the articleAs inflation continues to soar, The Senior Citizens League urges Congress to deliver a fourth stimulus check worth $1,400 to people on Social Security. reported on November 28, a campaign was started by the Senior Citizens League (TSCL). This non-partisan advocacy group demanded additional stimulus money for the ones receiving...

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Mike Cole

expansion of medicare to help social security receive cola payment and raise our premium from 148.00 per month to 170.00 per month how does that help us more money back to the government!?? 👍

Sally Rodriguez

we need help also.we also eat and have bills like everyone else.way do they put us in a different group we are also human

Tennessee viewer

everybody is getting more stimulus checks and help except DISABLED people on SSI it's a SHAME how are DISABLED ON SSI is being treated they are the poorest of the poor but they have just been forgot about by the President and Congress what has happened to the USA leaving their DISABLED ON SSI that can't work out here struggling like this SHAME ON THE USA !!!


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