Marcus Stroman likes tweet with ethnic slur

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Larry Brown Sports
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New York Mets fans used to complain about owner Steve Cohen tweeting too much, but Marcus Stroman seems to have surpassed him in that category. Stroman, who is a free agent, recently drew attention for throwing some shade at the Mets over Twitter. He’s publicly vented that he believes the Mets...

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Henry #8

Stroman is an instigator, about anything. This has followed him through his career and the #1 reason Toronto washed their hands of him. The Mets would be wise to move on from him too. Really...he's a journeyman pitcher, at best, who brings a whole lot baggage for his mediocre services.

Gale Mac.

He’s brown. Therefore cannot be racist. Don’t you guys know the rules? Geez 🙄


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