Prosecution links Ghislaine Maxwell to Jeffrey Epstein, while defense says she is being blamed for his actions

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(CNN) — Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein created a "pyramid scheme of abuse" by offering cash to poor underage girls, luring them into a web of sexual abuse, prosecutors said Monday in opening statements of Maxwell's criminal trial. Prosecutor Lara Pomerantz told jurors that in the 1990s, Maxwell...

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Ryan Smith

Dont forget to add bill gates to this list also! dont be afraid because he has alot of money! just look at Epstein as an example!


Maxwell trial. MSM/deep state has a lot planned for this news block out. Expect mass everything from pandemics to killings. They seriously do not want this stuff to come out. Pay attention eyes wide open stuff.

Dianne Kleckner

If all the allegations against Ms. Maxwell are true then she should be disciplined to the fullest extent of the law. I do wonder with the previous guest of what did the parents think was going on with their girls. Yet, blame is or can be misplaced upon parents and the debate of control over a child especially twelve years of age and older. The lawbreakers are who are on trial here and again if the allegations are true Ms. Maxwell and all the numerous others involved and were seen to be guests at the home of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislain. There is the hope that the truth will be found and those involved will be disciplined as the law states deem able.


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