Royal Family Shock: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Book Names UNEXPECTED Member Who Commented On Archie's Skin Tone

Cover picture for the articlePrince Harry and Meghan Markle previously enumerated all the reasons that triggered them to leave the royal family. One of which was the alleged concerns on Archie's color since the duchess is biracial. They never dropped the name of the royal family member, but royal fans expected the Duke...

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Teri Hughes Owens

Who’s cares…….🤬 Everyone ask the questions like I wonder what color the hair is, the color of the eyes, Will the hair be curly or not or blonde hair. And yes what color the skin will be. So many people are making this a racial problem and it’s NOT.

Alice Mak

The interview with Oprah broke the family tides. This claim inside the book burned the bridge. Harry, there’s no turning back now. You will need a miracle to made an amend.


What's wrong with wondering what color eyes or hair or skin will be ..I have mixture in my kids ..Indian and blonde ..curly ,straight hair ..bluish grey eyes and dark brown ..duh ....I love diversity and color ..I just think they love making a scene about it ..doesn't look like no tears shed ..Meghan is nuts if you ask me ...


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