Brace Yourself. Brazil Is About to Rock Markets

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleYou might think the most important factors driving commodity markets right now are the speed at which the U.S. Federal Reserve unwinds stimulus; the state of China’s real estate industry; or geopolitical jostling within OPEC. Don’t rule out the significance of Brazilian welfare payments. Brazil’s currency, the real, has...

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Daniel Hall

Now one reason Biden should of had travel restrictions in place and the southern border closed. Biden and the Democrats can be to blame for alot of the best covid cases. I thought the USA should of tighten up the restrictions during winter flu season.

earthjammer usa

the man-made never ending bioweapon. this will be milked for a very long time. only the beginning.

Paul Feasal

Brazil an dthe US .ay have a good amount of COVID-19 deaths, but it's nothing compared to the percentage of population got hit in Peru. They have three times the COVID-19 infection rates and even closed down totally like all the cou tries that have the highest percentage of getting the virus. Then these countries economies are in shambles. Peru jas a lot of the same boosts methods like paying citizens stinulas checks. However because the market crashed for them it takes like 6 months to get it.


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