Falynn Pina Welcomes A Baby Girl With Her New Fiancé

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Finally some good news for Falynn Pina , our most-valuable-friend-of from Real Housewives of Atlanta . Despite getting paid an insulting $0 for her appearance on RHOA Falynn has been center stage since the season wrapped. Personally, I think chasing a party guest down in medusa snakes warrants a raise all by itself. Maybe even a peach ! Instead, Falynn is getting all kinds of unwanted attention.

Though Falynn and her ex Simon Guobadia officially split in July of 2021, fans heard about their divorce LONG before things were finalized. This was largely due to Simon’s dramatic switch up and engagement to RHOA veteran, Porsha Williams . Porsha promptly tattooed Simon’s name onto her neck before she dipped from the RHOA screen altogether. Bye then.

Since season 13 and their marriage has ended, it seems like both Falynn and Simon have found their happily ever afters . E! News announced that Falynn and her new fiancé, Jaylan Banks , have welcomed their first child together. She was born on November 26th! The baby girl is named Emma Sang Pina and she weighed 6 pounds and 6 ounces!

In an interview Jaylan beamed,” Falynn did such an amazing job. She’s literally Superwoman. Emma is beautiful and perfectly healthy.” Emma is Falynn’s fourth child and her first daughter. How precious!

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Falynn and Jaylan announced their pregnancy in August. For anyone interested, thats around the time Falynn claimed Porsha had previously slept with Simon’s cousin for a Rolls. At the time Falynn told Jaylan, “You are an amazing father figure the boys.” Jaylan added, “I’ve always wanted to have some type of father figure in my life, so I’m giving back to the boys what I’ve never received…I’m ready to start the new adventure with you.” The couple became engaged in October of 2021, though I doubt we will be seeing much more of this relationship.

Unfortunately, it looks like Falynn has not been welcomed back to the Real Housewives of Atlanta screen. Instead, fans are being offered a side-show featuring Porsha as she balances her new Uber-rich fiancé and her former fiancé/hot-dog-king, Dennis McKinley . Porsha will have to answer for Simon’s three previously failed marriages, as well as her plans to make co-parenting work with Dennis.

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